A Taste of Hitachi Japan

Can you imagine a craft beer from Japan opening a gastropub in the states? In San Francisco of all places? A city where people flock to the latest micro breweries, eagerly anticipating a new flavor discovery. Well, Hitachino Nest Beer stepped up to the challenge. Not only did they bring their beers, but they brought food and ingredients from Hitachi, a city in the Ibaraki Prefecture. Their noteworthy gift, Hitachigyu, a well known brand of wagyu in Japan, and a cooking style that’s got people curious for a taste. One thing to note is that they now have an online reservation system. A great upgrade to the previous lottery system requiring you to sign up to their newsletter.

Friday dinner here we come!

Currently, they offer a $79 tasting menu with a $30 beer pairing that’ll give you three 10 ounce pours with one full beer at the end. Tempting, but given beers were $10 a piece, we decided to make our own selections on beer… and sake. After ordering, it took a bit of time to get started. But once it did, each dish came out at a good pace. Though, each course you could finish within minutes. There were a few misses but the ones that stood out, knocked it out of the park. You’ll wish you had more. But alas, it was after all, a tasting menu.

Overall, you will like the unique flavors, both in the dishes and in the beers. But with only a tasting menu, you might leave hungry. Unless of course, you order more. I’m hoping they will switch to a full dinner menu.

Hitachino Beer & Wagyu

639 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
+1 (415) 792−6160

Verdict: Stick to the bar and order those sous vide jars of goodness. You might not get to try the wagyu though.

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