Our last full day in Mexico City and to cram in more good eating, we headed to Contramar. It’s a place touted as the best seafood restaurant in town. And if you ask any local, they would agree. I would to after our visit here. The food was great and the servers do their best to accommodate. Yeah, there are English speaking servers and menus to make anyone American happy. They have the tourists covered. And while it may be catered to us, they do a great job with the…


Pujol’s Lunch Tasting

It’s not often to get a chance to try one of the world’s best restaurant. And not only that, a restaurant redefining Mexican fine dining. Yes. Leave the images of street vendors and late night taquerias at the door. Replace it with a posh yet quaint environment with refined flavors and then you’ll get Pujol. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get some of your familiar dishes and even some street food classics. What may surprise you though, would be how amazing they are in the hands of a chef like…


Oaxacan at Restaurante Sofia

Next to Bósforo, a popular little mezcal bar, sits Restaurante Sofia. A place that hones in on local ingredients to create Oxacan inspired dishes. The restaurant resides in the Cuauhtemoc District west of Centro. There’s not much to do around the area. So our trip here, actually our long walk here, was just to eat. There’s the bar next door obviously, but that’s about it. When you walk into the restaurant you’re immediately hit with the wonderful scents of what’s cooking. The open kitchen takes up the whole right half…


Late Night Eats at Taquería El Califa

It was a long day and we were hungry. So it was off to Taquería El Califa near La Condesa. The place was on our list of eats, specifically for their Al Pastor. An added bonus was the fact that it was in a quaint part of town. A neighborhood we later explored, discovering a mezcal bar, which… I will save for another time. I’d rather keep the good memories of the night centered around this posh establishment. Around this time, 7pm, the place was only half busy. It may…


Lunch Time at Los Cocuyos

Mexico City is huge and on our first day of exploring we needed a quick recharge midway through the morning. We decided to stop by Taquería Los Cocuyos, a popular street vendor serving tacos stuffed with all types of beef cuts. Thanks to a visit by Anthony Bourdain, this place has gotten even more busy from what locals tell me. But at this lunch hour, the crowds weren’t too large. We only waited for one group to order. We were able to secure a small sitting spot next to the…

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