Tim Ho Wan

We arrived early, real early, like 7am early. So what to do but to go find dim sum at the usually overcrowded place in town. One of which would be the Michelin Star rated restaurant Time Ho Wan. I’ve eaten at the one in Mongkok but since we were on Hong Kong, we went to the one located in the Hong Kong MTR station. Yeah, it’s kinda like eating in the mall. But you should never compare these places to the run of the mill food courts you see in…


Winding Down

Last full day here before my flight tomorrow. Best thing to do? Catch up on all the writing I’ve been putting off. Not a good start given the night of drinking before. I wonder what time we got out of there. I do remember taking the cab back to Kowloon form Lan Kwai Fong. A note to the traveler. Make sure you get a taxi that’s marked for cross harbor travel. Around Central just ask the taxi driver. Otherwise you pay for both ways to the tunnel. I think in…



The day started with a trip over to see Ali and Rene. I had to deliver the book Ali helped to make happen. Half the book was written on his couch, my stay during the mini sabbatical I had in 2008. Rene also got a copy, but we mainly met to talk business. This may be what I need to start off on my own business venture. We’ll see. In the meantime, writing and film will be my dream. We had lunch over in Soho, another area in Hong Kong…

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