My traveling partner in crime had read up about a shabu place in Kyoto. A place that’s been hypothesized as the birthplace of modern day shabu. So what to do, but to venture out and find this place called Junidanya. However, within historical area of Gion where each building has minimal signage, it was a bit hard to find. Plus with the crowds cluttering the street, along with the colorful geisha, we were easily distracted from our quest. On a side note, you really kinda wonder if they’re actually local geisha or just tourist…



This place opened up a few years ago, and although I tried it last year, I had to come back to give it a full review. There was nothing memorable last time I tried it, but I did pick a boring set, the shabu shabu. Sure, they could have made this really good, but why, this place was focused on nabe, different form of shabu shabu. It’s more about having everything in the pot, cooking, like a stew and less about adding fancy things it. I believe this is more…



The following night it felt as though we tried to make up for last night’s dinner. So off we go with co-workers to another place. I actually thought it was more of a shabu shabu joint. Not quite. Ten 天, The Oyster and Crab Restauran 100 Tras Street #01-08 6543-6507 / 6543-6508 Verdict: Nope, won’t try again. So many better offerings around. Another fancy place, but at least they delivered what we were expecting. The place was among a series of Japanese restaurants and right next to an Izakaya place….

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