Gather for Dinner

When I think of Wyoming, I think of the beautiful mountains, the vast wildlife, and the parks that maintain that balance between them. So when it comes to dinner, I wasn’t too surprised to find a place that took advantage of the abundance surrounding them. Take Gather, a restaurant in the heart of Jackson. It specializes in creating wonderful dishes with local ingredients. Some of it, as we learned, were even hand picked that morning. This was a place we all hope to stumble upon in our travels. The restaurant itself…


State Bird Provisions

We happened to mosey on by State Bird Provisions one afternoon after a movie at the Kabuki Theater. My geeky explanation of why I didn’t like Captain America was cut short. We came across State Bird Provisions, where I had to reboot my story telling of impossibilities to that of getting a reservations at this place. For months, I’ve checked online and never saw an opening. As the duties of geek, a food and computer geek in this case, I had to surface the rumors of some auto reserving script…

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