Double Breakfast

We were making our way through the Old Quarter and decided to eat locally. That was, try out the recommendations from the locals and online reviews that weren’t TripAdvisor or Yelp (yeah, they had a small presence). Two things came to mind, bun cha and more bun rieu oc. I had to compare it to last night. Do street vendors do bun rieu oc better then fancy restaurants? My hypothesis was yes. I’d say we were pretty adventurous trying out the street vendor we picked for bun rieu oc, crab…


Com Ga

Vicky was pretty set on trying out this place. She found it on a food blog from a Taiwanese person that relocated to the area. The author gave it a thumbs up, so why not. Can’t go wrong trying all the chicken rice dishes of the world. I was curious to see how this compared to that of Singapore and Hong Kong’s version. The place was located at a busy intersection. Three levels overlooked the traffic below and offered indoor and outdoor balcony seating. There weren’t too many people, only…


Knowing Your Neighborhood

A $15USD cab ride took me from the airport to my hotel. The driver was enthused to get money in U.S. dollars rather than Vietnam Dong. It’s a thing you’ll notice in the major cities. Tricky part was to get change which would be in Vietnamese Dong. But that’s pretty trivial. anyways, my hotel was situated in the south east corner of the Old Quarter. It was just a block away from Hoan Kiem Lake, the home of Turtle Tower. You can read about the stories of The Lake of…

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