Oysters Prepared 24 Different Ways

There’s a stretch of Vinh Khanh Street in District 4 where you can lines of stores making seafood for your street eating pleasure. One such place, Chilli, stood out for its offering of oysters prepared in 24 combinations. There was a bit of a hesitation splitting two dozen oysters between the two of us, but as you know, we only live once. Plus, this was a place for nhau, where friends get together for hours of food and beer. There was plenty of time and no need to rush. We…


Drakes Bay Oyster Company

Here’s the deal. I’ve been meaning to head up to Tomales Bay for some oysters for years. Ever since I moved up to the Bay area four years ago, I never got the chance. Until now. And of course, this technically wasn’t Tomales Bay. But still, this place was in the vicinity about thirty minutes away. It wasn’t fancy like the other places and quite frankly, I enjoy these types of establishments. They focus on one thing, the thing they’re good at, oyster’ing (don’t think that’s an actual word) and…



The following night it felt as though we tried to make up for last night’s dinner. So off we go with co-workers to another place. I actually thought it was more of a shabu shabu joint. Not quite. Ten 天, The Oyster and Crab Restauran 100 Tras Street #01-08 6543-6507 / 6543-6508 Verdict: Nope, won’t try again. So many better offerings around. Another fancy place, but at least they delivered what we were expecting. The place was among a series of Japanese restaurants and right next to an Izakaya place….

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