Deschutes Brewery

Want good bar food? And no, it’s not a trick question. You got it. This place was a local recommendation. Good beers and surprisingly good food for a brewery. And to be honest, I don’t expect much when I go to these types of places. After eating here though, I realized I should expect good food. This place did it. Why not others? And to think about it, where’s the line between breweries and gastropubs anyways? Deschutes may be that missing link. The place was large and there were people…


Yama Sushi

This place was right around the corner from Puppet Labs, a place we were suppose to be later. More about that toward the end. You’re here for this sushi place that I looked up. Not too hard to find when you’re walking around the area. It’s on the corner and had outside seating. Best of all, there weren’t any lines. Okay, so it was Monday. Still, I’d say it was crowded for a Monday. Inside we sat at the sushi bar. Mainly to get a glimpse off their fish selection….



Sunday night and places were busy. At least two of the places I moseyed on over to had horrible wait times. I can’t wait an hour and a half to eat. I hunger. Thankfully, by the third attempt we found a place with open seating. Andina. A lovely Peruvian restaurant that had two floors of dining. Two floors! The place was very cozy. Tables and booths lined the restaurant in all sections of the place. They used the space up to the point right before getting too tight. Unfortunately, we…

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