Seafood in Penghu

When you’re near the docks in Magong City, you’ll find plenty of restaurants displaying tanks of fresh local seafood. It’s a fun experience to shop and discover what each place can prepare. That is of course, if you spoke Chinese. Thankfully, the group I was with had no problem and knew specific places to go to. I won’t be able to list them here, but I can give you a sample of the different foods we had. All were indeed fresh and cooked to order and much less expensive than the…


Twin Heart Stones and Sea Urchin

The southern most island in Penghu rests the Qimei township. A place where you can find the Twin Heart Stone Weir. We took a tour which included the boat and bus ride tour of the island, including some other points of interests around the area. Unless you have your own transportation this would be the only means of getting here. It’s not too bad though. I only saw about two other tour groups along our route. Nothing alarming even if you don’t like crowds. It made the almost deserted town feel a…


Squid Fishing

Out in Penghu, a small island chain west of Taiwan, there’s a local tourist activity of squid fishing. That’s right. Just when you thought shrimp fishing was challenging enough, here comes squid. I guess these things do get caught somehow. Now we, and a boat full of others, will find out how. I take that back, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t how it’s done. We signed up for the trip at our hotel and went down to the dock close to sunset. It was an easy scooter ride there. It’s a…

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