Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Believe it or not, pho is meant to be eaten for breakfast.  Even though you probably heard that the broth gets richer as the day goes on, most Vietnamese people have pho in the morning. Not a problem for a glutton like me. And if morning meant 3am morning, even better. However, since I didn’t want to sacrifice on taste I decided, it’ll be what’s for lunch. It was right around the block from my hotel, which gave me some time to break a sweat and fight off my belly…


Pillbox Hike

Day one of my vacation and somehow I was convinced to do physical activity. I realized this after I was halfway up a trail over in Kailua, sweat soaked and regretting why I decided flip flops were okay. The trail was short but steep. Within minutes I saw the first military pillbox perched on the hill. It was subjected to local Hawaiian graffiti making it look less formidable than it’s previous life. If you don’t know what these are, they’re the concrete bunkers you see in the movies mowing down…


Pre-Flight Check

Well. It was time to say goodbye to my old home town. So good to have see all my friends and family. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to know such good people. Especially the ones that accept you even when you don’t keep in touch like you used to. Age and time have been playing their cards against each other and we were only the chips in the game. How has it been two years since I’ve been back? It felt like yesterday when I was back here…


Thunderstorm Cooldown

Probably one of the few times you’ll hear me say, “I’m so glad it’s raining”. That’s because after these flash-flooding, zero-visibility, majestic thunderstorms, the temperature was going to drop. And that’s a good thing knowing I’ll be outside in a tux on Saturday. The bad thing was that it hit us right at the start of rush hour when all my friends were meeting up for food and drinks. So traffic became the first topic of the night. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You want to hear about food….


Today Wasn’t a Total Wash

I was heading to the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia when I noticed I forgot my camera. These days I hate driving and to head back was not what I preferred. Plus it was getting hot and the AC in my car was barely keeping up. So, I decided to go shopping. It was in the plans to take advantage of the lower sales tax in the area. What I didn’t plan for was to spend two hours shopping in Tyson’s Corner only make it out with a…



The day started with a trip over to see Ali and Rene. I had to deliver the book Ali helped to make happen. Half the book was written on his couch, my stay during the mini sabbatical I had in 2008. Rene also got a copy, but we mainly met to talk business. This may be what I need to start off on my own business venture. We’ll see. In the meantime, writing and film will be my dream. We had lunch over in Soho, another area in Hong Kong…


Landing in Oahu

First stop in Oahu and what do should we do, eat. C’mon, 5 hours of flying and having nothing more than peanuts and airline food what did you expect? Not to mention I was nursing a kick to the head by das boot from Supenkuche. So what else to have in Hawaii but Vietnamese food. But this wasn’t your typical Vietnamese place. It may have the words ‘pho’ in it’s name but they make a mean ass ox tail soup that I can’t find stateside. It was good bye dehydration…

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