I’ll admit, this post was difficult to write. Being a Monday was one thing, figuring out what I’ve done all day was another. We had breakfast and lunch at the office so no news on food there. There was dinner, but I really don’t want to give the place any coverage. It was a company dinner that I’d highly advise against if you were on vacation. Indochine #01-03, Asian Civilisations Museum (Acm I) 1 IndoChine Empress Place +65 6339 1720 Verdict: Never coming here again. On most review sites, you’ll…


Truffle Xiao Long Bao You Say?

Truffles! Not the chocolate variety, but the decadent richness of the fungal kind. Low and behold they were serving it in these little soup dumplings. I had to order them along with the usual regimen of dumplings. All I have to say was that it was a great idea. The stuff was a great addition to the usual line up of the pork dumplings along with the crab ones. But man am I going to miss this on the menu back home. For the place, it was Din Tai Fung….


By the Water

Okay so the main picture here isn’t of any type of beach, lake, or pool. In fact, only one of the pictures in this post will be that of water. Everything else will be, well, of food and stuff. That’s what you’re here for right? Well, here it goes. Met up with my friends out in Bedok for lunch. They took me to a hawker area next to the beach, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village, which wasn’t the pricier East Coast Seafood Center. This area felt more low key…


Sunshine in Kaoshiung

We didn’t expect much from Kaohsiung. It was going to be another town on our expedited journey to Kenting. What a miscalculation on our part. I definitely wanted to see more of this city. For starters, the Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市 was good, filled with competing food stalls. That led to some good king prawn eating, freshly cooked and I mean fresh. They were swimming and skewered right before you eyes. Not for the squeamish. But in the end, definitely worth it. Firm and tasty meat after you pull off…

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