Bukchon Hanok Village

There’s this little area east of Gyeongbokgung Palace that was a delight to visit. A place that’s getting a little more popularity It’s the Bukchon Hanok Village. An area preserving the traditional homes of Korea. And not typical preserving way of turning these homes into museums. No. Everyday people still live in these homes and we tourists get to wander the streets in awe of the architecture. Some places do allow people inside the gates to look around. Some even rent out places for people to get a full experience. That’s something I would…


Cat Cafe

In Myeongdong you’ll find plenty of things to shop for. But when your feet are tired and you need that caffeinated pick me up, where else to go then… a cat cafe? Yes, a place where you enjoy your coffee in a room full of frolicking felines. A hellish place for those with allergies yet a bewildering place for people like me. There’s also a dog cafe around the corner. I stopped by. The place looked rather small and having dogs roaming around may be a recipe for disaster. Plus this post is title “Cat Cafe”,…


Pro Ganjang Gejang

Our journey back brought us through Sinsa station, the station around Gejang Alley. An area known for restaurants specializing in ganjang gejang, raw crabs marinated in soy sauce. It was a bit early for dinner though. So what to do. Stop by of course. Early meant no crowds and no need to make reservations (luckily I was correct). The place was easy to find and very close to the SMRT station. Inside the place was nice. A bit modern with a touch of tradition. That being, cubed sections of tables with, my favorite…


A Little Out of Seoul

It was time to see more of Korea. See what makes Seoul more than a foodie metropolitan. A place of rich culture and global influences. One such influence being Korean dramas. WTF right? Well, yeah, if you haven’t watched one, you’d be surprised on how many people watch these shows coming out of Korea. And today we were visiting two places used as backdrops for some of the most popular K-dramas. First up was a place called Petite France, a small cultural center located east of Seoul. We didn’t have a car so we…


Baekje Samgyetang

I have to admit, it was cold and rainy, so I wanted something soupy. And of course, something healthy to fight off any chance of a cold. Getting sick in this town of eats would be devastating. So off to a popular destination in the heart of Myeongdong, Baekje Samgyetang. It’s on the second floor which we missed the first time we walked by. Inside, it’s a very spacious establishment. Plenty of tables for all party sizes. We got a table for two pretty easily. Not to say it was empty, it was almost full…


Grilling in Jogae-Gui Alley

My first trip to Seoul, Korea and one of the things I wanted try was jogae-gui, grilling clams. Yeah, sure, we all know about the grilling fun at your favorite Korean BBQ restaurant. Plates of beef, pork, chicken, and any other land animal you can think of. But this was with shellfish. And on a cold rainy day, this was utterly perfect. Jogae-Gui Alley is in Nonhyeon-Dong. As the name suggests, it’s an area popular for grilling clams. Though there’s shops serving steamed clams and other types of seafood creations. This…

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