Cold Soba in the Summer

You may not know this but Tokyo can get as hot and humid as the tropical countries in Southeast Asia. Thankfully, there’s so many places that have air conditioning. Yet, nothing feels better on a hot day than eating something that will cool you down from the inside. That’s where soba enters the picture. A few blocks away from Harajuku station isĀ Kamakura Matsubaraan Keyaki, a restaurant up in theĀ Harajuku Quest Building. There they serve their signature Sudachi Onioroshi Soba. It’s a cold soba noodle bowl that will reinvigorate your sun…


Sobatei Rakuichi

Before leaving Niseko, there was one place I wanted to try out and eventually write about. And yeah, this place was a No Reservations kind of place. That didn’t matter though, I’ve read so much about the place that it warranted a visit. And as fate would have it, it was up the street, right next to Karabina, the place we went to the other night. Rakuichi sat in the back of a set of three cabins. Not that they were actually cabin cabins. They were all restaurants. Who knew…


LinkedIn Hong Kong

Today was the day I look for LinkedIn’s Hong Kong office. Not too difficult right? I got the floor, street name, the district, Causeway Bay, and the street number… crap! Why didn’t they send me the street number or even the building name. Oh well, I’ll just look for a sign, a huge one, like the one back in Mountain view. Guest what? This area is filled with signs and my best bet was to persevere in my search going building to building. Awful idea. There was this one building…


Hidden Hikes

Why is there a picture of musubi, albeit my favorite cucumber, egg, spam musubi from Iyasume? Well, that’s because I wished I had one while we were hiking. Not that it was a difficult hike. It didn’t even take half an hour to get to the top. No, I simply was dreaming of this stuff. And you may not know, but I was looking for the best musubi in town. I tried the ABC stores. Not bad, I’d say their the benchmark norm. The whopper of the burger world. Not…

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