Korean Italian at Moyo

That’s right, imagine your favorite Korean dishes with an Italian influence. At MOYO, they are bringing people together within SoHo to enjoy these creations in an intimate environment on the streets of Aberdeen. Unlike its neighbors around the corner, this place was less about just getting sloshed and more about the quality eats… while you’re getting sloshed.  What can I say, they do have a good range of drinks here. Inside this easily overlooked restaurant front, you’ll walk into the dining area with tables suitable for groups of two to four. There’s an…


Little Bao Lovin’

Thanks to Instagram I was drawn to Little Bao. At first it was for its desserts. These colorful bite sized ice cream sandwiches were all over my feed and people made them look so tempting. But once I looked further and did some reading, I had to check out their take on the gua bao, which looked more like a sandwich. But it still has that soft moist bun we all know and love. So this place warranted a visit. You may get discouraged by the amount of people waiting to get in. Don’t…



The day started with a trip over to see Ali and Rene. I had to deliver the book Ali helped to make happen. Half the book was written on his couch, my stay during the mini sabbatical I had in 2008. Rene also got a copy, but we mainly met to talk business. This may be what I need to start off on my own business venture. We’ll see. In the meantime, writing and film will be my dream. We had lunch over in Soho, another area in Hong Kong…

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