An Japanese Restaurant

When Ino Sushi in Japantown closed down last year my heart sank. There went a great little shop that specialized in traditional nigiri, simply fish and rice with hardly any additives. It will be missed. However, moving into the space was the former owner of Koo, Kiyoshi Hayakawa. A place I loved for, you guessed it, traditional sushi. Not that the new trend of unique tasting sushi wasn’t good. It’s just sometimes, you’ll want to taste more unadulterated fish. That’s what Koo brought, and now that’s what An Japanese Restaurant brings back to Japantown. Though at…


A Night At Sushi Sam’s Edomata

When it comes to lively sushi places, Sushi Sam’s Edomata nails it. This place had been on my dinner list for quite some time. Countless number of friends posting delectable pictures and raving about their times here was getting unbearable. Even with the number of good sushi restaurants opening up in the city, this restaurant still shined in their minds. And now I could see why. You can tell it’s a local favorite given the amount of patrons walking in who knew the chefs by name. One by one, people came…


Sushi Hiro

A friend once told me her favorite solo outing was going out and having sushi. I happen to agree. On my last day full day of Hong Kong I was alone. And while most think that’s unfortunate, I think it’s advantageous for securing a walk in seating at high demand sushi restaurants. Most of the time you’ll need a reservation. But as a party of one, all you need to do was to look for bar space. And that was the case at Sushi Hiro, a place upstairs from where we had lunch earlier…


Early Reservations at Wako

This Japanese restaurant opened up earlier this year. And while a friend of mine works there, I wanted to give it some time before trying. Not that I wasn’t eager. My friend kept posting delectable pictures on their Facebook page. Metal note: block food porn. So many months later I found myself making reservations at Wako and found the only open spot for two was early, at 6pm. This was a week in advance. The place is small and cozy. Can probably seat about twenty people and not a place…

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