Toki Underground

Every major city has seen an influx of ramen restaurants. Washington D.C. was no different. However, in 2012, Toki Underground hit the scene. Not only did they bring ramen, but they brought their creativity along with some new takes on Taiwanese favorites. In my opinion, saying this stuff was fusion really takes away from their creations. It’s more like New Asian in my book. Something you’ll find in Taiwan or Japan, but refined for the critical foodies here in the city. We showed up for lunch right when it opened…


Pine & Crane

I’ve read about this place when it popped up on Eater LA (doing some due diligence on places to eat this trip). It was a surprise to see a Taiwanese place pop up in Silverlake. Sure I’ll buy into the hype. We didn’t have any ideas for lunch. Everything good in Little Tokyo had a line. So why not. There’s this term called Americanized Chinese food, which isn’t something I’m going to knock. Some good stuff came out of that. Here though, it’s hard to say. My Taiwanese friends asked,…

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