Sunday night and places were busy. At least two of the places I moseyed on over to had horrible wait times. I can’t wait an hour and a half to eat. I hunger. Thankfully, by the third attempt we found a place with open seating. Andina. A lovely Peruvian restaurant that had two floors of dining. Two floors! The place was very cozy. Tables and booths lined the restaurant in all sections of the place. They used the space up to the point right before getting too tight. Unfortunately, we…


By the Water

Okay so the main picture here isn’t of any type of beach, lake, or pool. In fact, only one of the pictures in this post will be that of water. Everything else will be, well, of food and stuff. That’s what you’re here for right? Well, here it goes. Met up with my friends out in Bedok for lunch. They took me to a hawker area next to the beach, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village, which wasn’t the pricier East Coast Seafood Center. This area felt more low key…

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