The Elkridge Furnace Inn

It was rehearsal day. A time for me to drive around the beltway and head on up to Columbia. But of course, I had a splitting headache from the endless number of drinks last night. There were shots I believe, shots from my old friend Jameson. What a prick. So during my groggy drive, I did what you kids shouldn’t do at home, look up a place to eat while driving. It’s worse than texting. Come on, you’re pretty much looking at food porn. Porn and driving should never go…


Hirshhorn Museum

Walking around DC in September can be such a challenge when the weather gets in the way of everything you want to do. You first need to know that the Washington DC area gets all four seasons as well as its extremes. At the close of Summer, August and September, Summer usually makes one last come back in the form of high heat and uncomfortable humidity. Bring sunblock and an extra T-shirt if you decide to walk around DC like I did. The afternoon started with lunch with a friend…

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