Top 3 Banh Mi To Try in Saigon

You probably already know that bánh mì literally means bread in Vietnamese and also that it’s available on almost every street here in the city. But what you may want to know is what to try during your visit. Well, I’ve got three types I’d recommend all within the center of Saigon. The first place is known to locals as the “lesbian sandwich shop”, Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa. Not sure why it’s called that, but I am sure they make a damn tasty sandwich. And I’m not the only one…


What You Need to Know About Ốc

One thing you need to do in Vietnam is to đi nhậu, or ‘go drinking’ in its basic translation. However, it’s more than that. It’s the act of getting together with friends and celebrating their company for hours on end. Beer and food is always involved along with the loud banter and occasional singing. Sure, it may sound familiar, like your izakaya or tapas or even happy hour for some of you. But no, this tradition, or even obligation I dare say, is usually done street side on those small…


The Classic Dishes at Cuc Gach Quan

For lunch, we headed to Cuc Gach Quan for some traditional home cooking. And by home cooking, I meant some high quality cooking you’d expect for special occasions. This wasn’t your run of the mill Vietnamese food. No. It was some well prepared dishes that delivered on it’s hefty price tag. Expensive, when compared to other restaurants around here in Saigon. The restaurant sits across the street from the office of the owner who happens to be a renown architect. You will notice the refined touches to the delightfully unique…


Oysters Prepared 24 Different Ways

There’s a stretch of Vinh Khanh Street in District 4 where you can lines of stores making seafood for your street eating pleasure. One such place, Chilli, stood out for its offering of oysters prepared in 24 combinations. There was a bit of a hesitation splitting two dozen oysters between the two of us, but as you know, we only live once. Plus, this was a place for nhau, where friends get together for hours of food and beer. There was plenty of time and no need to rush. We…


A Taste of Hai Phong at Dì Lý

Looking for a late night bite that’s light and casual in the heart of District 1? Stop by Dì Lý – Bánh Đa Cua for some northern cuisine from the Hai Phong region. A flavor that’s not too heavy on the palate, yet still relying on the ingredients of seafood. It’s tucked away from the bustling streets and up the stairwell into its moderately sized dining room. It’s a great escape for some good wholesome food. This was a quick bite to eat tonight. And since I did my research, when…


Venturing Out For Cơm Tấm

You will find signs for cơm tấm, broken rice, all over the streets of Saigon. From small carts with those legendary plastic red chairs to established restaurants luring you in with the sanctity of air conditioning. Either way, to find the best one the advice I got was simply “the one where you can smell the grill a block away.” Under all this scooter exhaust, I thought it would be a challenge. But no. Seriously, you can smell that goodness. No vehicular pollutant was stopping that scent of barbecued pork….


Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Believe it or not, pho is meant to be eaten for breakfast.  Even though you probably heard that the broth gets richer as the day goes on, most Vietnamese people have pho in the morning. Not a problem for a glutton like me. And if morning meant 3am morning, even better. However, since I didn’t want to sacrifice on taste I decided, it’ll be what’s for lunch. It was right around the block from my hotel, which gave me some time to break a sweat and fight off my belly…


Pillbox Hike

Day one of my vacation and somehow I was convinced to do physical activity. I realized this after I was halfway up a trail over in Kailua, sweat soaked and regretting why I decided flip flops were okay. The trail was short but steep. Within minutes I saw the first military pillbox perched on the hill. It was subjected to local Hawaiian graffiti making it look less formidable than it’s previous life. If you don’t know what these are, they’re the concrete bunkers you see in the movies mowing down…

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