Doraku Sushi

It was all about hitting the late night eats tonight. That’s because we did our run during the day. Something that set us up for the “I don’t give a fuck what’s for dinner” attitude. A perfect way for us to try out new places. At first we went with a suggestion from our friend in SF, Home Bar. It’s a sports bar that I’d find myself in twenty years ago. Good food, affordable prices, great portions, and plenty of alcohol. It was a mix no college grad would pass…


Waikiki, Finally

Today was all about staying around the hotel. I mean why wouldn’t we venture out in this great part of the island. Can’t let the tourist scare you away. Oh wait, I’m a tourist too ain’t I? Well, the stuff that’ll scare you are all the street performers and brochure hand outs that make you feel like you’re walking on Hollywood Boulevard during the day. Cheapens the place tremendously, but if you stay along the beach, you’ll understand why this is a beach hot spot. Gentle waves and clear water…


Relaxation Mode On

You kinda realize it when you’re walking past people, getting agitated in line, and trying to get straight to the point, which was to relax. Problem was, my mind was still at silicon valley speed. Not quite like New York light speed, but that under the skin angst that you know time is limited. Oh it felt so good to shake that off. Slowly now, one step at a time, enjoy where you are and why you worked so hard to get here. There we go. Now, what better way…

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