Hing Kee Claypot

For those not willing to wait in long lines, there’s┬áHing Kee. A place that will gladly take the impatient who wants to try the popular Temple Street claypot rice. Located right across the street from the obviously number one spot for claypot rice, it almost felt as though Hing Kee didn’t mind being second pick. With three of their restaurants located at the same corner, I don’t think they minded at all. Each place was filled and the street hosts were busy finding people seats. We were led up a…


A Night Out

Along with the usual shopping, the day had a night of drinks in store for it. But first, the shopping. Around Yau Ma Tei, there are some surprising shops. Along with your usual G2000 and Giordano’s, you got specialty shops like your anime and action figure shops at In’s Point. Okay, so specialties to my liking. I can’t help it, that little anime nerd in me still screams when he see’s mecha, girls with guns, and anything wielding a sword. Unfortunately, the stores were closed when I swung by. These…



“What happened to Thursday?” That’s the typical question when you’re time warped a day in advance going from the States to Asia. This time it’s to Hong Kong and this time I picked the cheapest flight. The one that departs Wednesday night, technically Thursday morning. You know, the 12:05AM flight. All of Thursday in the good U.S.A. happens when you’re helplessly trying to fall asleep while you’re feet scream out in discomfort and your knees remind you how unnatural it is to be sitting there in economy class. Yep, the…

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